Agricultural Worker Health Program

The Agricultural Worker Health Program

The Agricultural Worker Health Program at Family Health Centers, Inc., helps improve the health status of migrant and seasonal farmworkers and their families by providing quality health care services and enabling services such as interpretation and translation.

The Agricultural Worker Health Program serves our seasonal and migratory workers whose primary employment is in crops or animal farms in the Orangeburg, Bamberg, Calhoun and Upper Dorchester counties.

Who is eligible for the Agricultural Worker program?

  • The main job must be in farm jobs; sowing, trees, plants, or in processors of animals such as chickens, and Agricultural such as fish farming etc.
  • You need 2 copies of your pay stubs or a letter from the supervisor stating that you work on the farm, the letter from the supervisor should have your payment information and the phone number where we can contact the supervisor.
  • Family members of skilled workers are eligible.
  • Seasonal migrants or residents of the state who do not have health insurance coverage are eligible

Low Income Program
(Sliding Fee Scale)

Our uninsured patients may qualify for our low-income programs based on financial need. Federal guidelines require patients to provide income and address samples in order to determine their required payment skills. The application and explanation forms are available with our Financial Service Representative.

Discount Program

Under the federal Public Health Act, Section 340-B, you can buy certain medicines at our pharmacies at low costs. Family Health Centers, Inc. participation in this program makes it possible for all patients to obtain discounts on their prescriptions.