Patient’s Rights and Responsibilities


To outline the basic rights and responsibilities of Family Health Centers, Inc. (FHC) patients.


It is the policy of FHC, Inc. to provide services that are sensitive to the basic rights of human beings for independence of expression, decision and action. FHC recognizes that during illness, the concern for personal dignity and human relationships are always of great importance. FHC further recognizes that patients have a right to expect the following when receiving services:


Respect and Dignity - The patient will be treated with dignity and respect at all times under all circumstances.

Privacy and Confidentiality - The patient has the right to expect their personal information to be kept confidential as required by law.

Personal Safety - The patient has the right to expect reasonable safety while at FHC

Identity - The patient has the right to know the identity and professional status of individuals providing service and to select their Primary Care Provider.

Information - The patient has the right to obtain, from the practitioner responsible for coordinating their care, complete and current information concerning their diagnosis (if know), treatment plan, any known prognosis and provider generated and monitored referrals, as appropriate.

Assistance - The patient has the right to ask questions and discuss problems that arise during an office visit.

Decision Making - The patient, along with the provider, has the right to make decisions regarding their treatment.

Consultation - The patient, at their own request and expense has the right to consult with a specialist.

Refusal of Treatment - The patient may refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law.

Patient Charge - The patient has the right to request and receive an itemized and detailed explanation of the total bill for services rendered.


HC as a provider of health services has a right to expect reasonable, responsible behavior on the part of patients.

Such behavior includes:

Patient Rules and Regulations - The patient is expected to follow rules and regulations of conduct at FHC

Provision of Information - The patient has the responsibility to provide, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and complete information about present and past illness, hospitalizations, medications and other matters relating to their health.

Compliance with Instructions - The patient is responsible for following the treatment plan recommended by the provider.

Refusal and Treatment - The patient is responsible for the consequences of their actions if treatment is refused or if the provider's instructions are not followed.

Patient Charges - The patient is responsible for assuring that the financial obligations incurred in providing their health care are fulfilled as promptly as possible.

Respect and Consideration - The patient is responsible for being considerate of the rights of other patients and staff, and for assisting in the control of noise and the cleanliness of the center.

Demographics - The patient is responsible for providing current address, telephone number, e-mail address, and insurance information at each office visit.