What is a Health Information Exchange

Right now, your doctor, hospital, or other health care provider¹ shares your paper health record through fax and regular mail. More and more, health care providers are switching from paper records to electronic health records (EHRs). An electronic health record contains the same information as your paper record and is stored by your doctor, much like a paper record. SCHIEx is South Carolina's Health Information Exchange. SCHIEx is the system that your doctor uses to share your health information with other doctors involved in your care. It allows your health information to be shared electronically and in a fast and convenient way. SCHIEx makes sure your information is shared with the right doctor at the right time, so you receive the quality care you need and deserve. ¹Other health care providers can include dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, and even midwifes.

EHR Advantages SCHIEx Advantages
Save you time when filling out forms about your medical history-the EHR saves your information. Your health information is available to your doctors when and where they need it, whether during a routine visit or emergency care.
Keeps track of your medications making it easier for your doctor to monitor what and how much you take. Helps avoid repeat tests because your doctor can see what tests were already ordered by other doctors or specialists.
Alert your doctor if you require certain tests or procedures, or follow-up care. Helps prevent unwanted side effects when taking medications prescribed by two different doctors.
EHRs are safer in the event of floods or fire. SCHIEx makes it easier for you and your doctors to coordinate your care.